The idiot end

I’ve been a bit lacking in the poker updates recently so here’s a hand for you to ponder where I turn the ‘idiot end’ of a straight and get myself into a bit of a hole. It’s another one from the 400nl tables, made all the more tricky by the fact that I have absolutely no reads on my opponent as this was about the 4th hand at the table and I’d never seen him before. At the time he was only playing one table and wasn’t using the auto-topup for his stack so I was assuming that he wasn’t a reg, but at these stakes I’m more inclined to give some credit to a random opponent than I am at lower stakes.

I make the call pre because there was a massive whale still to act behind and I wanted to play as many pots with him as possible. The whale folded however but two more regs came along. I considered raising the flop, which could be a good option if heads-up but I think in a 4-way pot if I get it in here I’m not going to be in great shape, but my hand seems too good to raise/fold.

I turn the straight to go with my flush-draw, but I can’t see any value in raising here as he probably folds anything I beat, and I just end up getting it in with Tx and 9 outs at most. Looking back though, maybe there’s some value to be had from sets?

At first glance the river seems an obvious fold, but then I don’t know whether this guy is capable of bluffing here or even valuebetting an overpair. My call, call line has looked pretty weak and there are a bunch of weak one-pair hands and busted flush-draws that I can have. The possibly crazy alternative to calling is shoving to rep the rivered full-house to possibly get him off a ten.

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