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First of all, just a quick note to say that anybody thinking of applying for my free coaching offer has until 9am tomorrow morning to get their applications in. I’ve had quite a few applications so far and unfortunately only really have the time to take on one student at the moment so apologies to all those who are unsuccessful.

Poker hasn’t been too great over the last few weeks. I got off to a really good start in the first couple of weeks of May but have been up and down since, pretty much breaking even overall. Thankfully the good start I got means I’m still in decent profit for the month, but I know I can do better. I’ll save a full report for the end of this week because we’re nearly at month’s end. Until then, here’s a 200nl hand from today that I wasn’t sure on

I didn’t have many hands on MP2 but he was looking like he was going to be a passive fish. BB is a pretty good reg as far as I know. He’s fairly aggressive and plays 17/13 with a 5% overall 3bet, and 10% squeeze from BB. I doubt he 3bets very wide here though because the opener is a pro-40bb’er who is liable to want to get it in preflop. I call because we’re a little deep and the fish gives me extra implied odds to hit my set. On the turn, I didn’t really understand what he was repping because of him not betting the flop (especially with the fish to get value from). The only thing the river changes is that it’s made a backdoor flush, but I can’t really give him too much credit for that. Does he really check his big hands on the flop?

Because of the amazing weather we’re having at the moment, I’ve got slightly behind my VPP pace, as well as not making as many blog posts as I’d like. I’ve been taking every opportunity to get away from my computer to get outside, doing a bit of walking in the Lakes and finally getting out sport climbing (with ropes, on pre-bolted rock) on real rock for the first time since taking up climbing last year. The climbing was great fun, if a little scary. It’s totally different from climbing indoors. The fear factor plays more of a part because the bolts you use to clip your rope as you climb are spaced a lot wider than indoors so you have potential for bigger falls, and the falls themselves are potentially more dangerous because of ledges, sharp bits of rock etc that you could hit if you fell.

The other main difference is that whereas inside you have brightly coloured holds that make it easy to see where you’re going, outside you have to search around for the holds and really pick your route carefully. It’s much more of a problem solving exercise. Inside I’m climbing at about a 6c standard, but outside I could only manage a 6a+, and even failed at one 5+ that I tried. I’m not too disheartened by that though because I knew it was going to be tougher and didn’t expect to match my indoor grades. My aim for my outdoor climbing for the end of this year will be to consistently on-sight (climb first time) at a 6b standard. Hopefully we’ll have a decent summer for once and I’ll be able to get plenty of practice in!

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